Find Affordable Hotels in Downtown Manhattan New York City

With Downtown Manhattan considered one of the hottest areas in New York City, which is built to handle the influx of tourists. Unfortunately, most Big Apple hotels are priced. But New York City has affordable hotels, so if you know where to find them.

One of the best places to find affordable and even budget hotels in New York City is Chinatown, which is just about the Near East. It is a prominent place with lots of places to see within walking distance, but the best thing is that the food in Chinatown is very affordable especially for families traveling on a low budget.

In a restaurant for a family of 4 in Chinatown, the dinner can run for nearly $ 40. There are plenty of hotels in Lower Manhattan, so if you’re traveling on a budget looking to save a little money, I would stay in downtown Manhattan in Chinatown on the lower east side. Both neighborhoods are strategic shopping areas in New York City, discovering cultural attractions, and offering the city a sample of the best food.

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